Cutting-edge research reveals why a Paleo diet is the best way to maximize performance!

THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES reveals the path to peak performance…

Over 250,000 years ago, our Paleolithic ancestors roamed the earth. Unlike today’s athletes, who live to perform, these Paleo-athletes performed to LIVE! Their daily life was a game of survival that hinged on having the strength, speed, agility, and endurance to hunt and forage for food. They were the ultimate super-athletes!

In many ways their Paleo bodies are our bodies…developed over millennia to maximize performance and ensure survival. But our modern diet looks nothing like the diet of Paleolithic man. Processed foods, an overabundance of carbs, and commercial performance products have taken us away from the foods that help our bodies thrive best.

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FUEL UP WITH THE FOODS YOUR BODY WAS DESIGNED TO EAT! THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES reveals why your ancestors hold the key to your best performance ever! You’ll see how to…

Lose weight eating delicious food! Buffalo Steaks with Mushroom Sauce

BUILD MUSCLE LIKE CRAZY. The nutrient-rich plan featured in THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES is packed with branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). More powerful than other amino acids, BCAAs are the body’s potent stimulants for building and repairing muscle. THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES reveals the narrow window of time when your body will make the most of BCAAs.

PREVENT POST-EXERCISE MUSCLE BREAKDOWN. Our modern diet is highly acidic, creating a state of blood acidosis that breaks down muscle in an attempt to neutralize the body. THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES helps you reverse this process by boosting the alkalinity of your diet, preventing muscle loss in the process.

OPTIMIZE YOUR IMMUNITY. THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES plan is packed with the trace nutrients your body needs to boost immunity. Staying healthy and illness-free ultimately leads to more intense training and better performance.

TIME MUSCLE FUEL FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE. Too much of a good thing is never a good idea. While your muscles need to stock up on glycogen for peak performance, they don’t need it 24/7. THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES shows you the best time to load up on carbs and the best time to go pure Paleo.

LOSE WEIGHT, TOO! While weight loss may not be your first goal, simply following THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES may actually lead to weight loss you weren’t expecting. This surprise slim-down may result in enhanced performance – without going hungry!


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Order The Paleo Diet for Athletes now! "In week 4 Joe trained 16 hours without a sign of a cold, sore throat, or ear infection. He was amazed—he hadn’t done that many hours in nearly 15 years."
The Paleo Diet for Athletes...One author's challenge results in a win-win victory for both.

“In 1995 I challenged Joe Friel to give THE PALEO DIET a try.

Nearly every successful endurance athlete that Joe had known ate as he did, with a heavy emphasis on cereals, bagels, bread, rice, pasta, pancakes, and potatoes. In fact, Joe had done quite well on this diet as an All-American duathlete in his age group, winning national races and finishing in the top 10 at World Championships.

I suggested Joe try eating a diet more in line with the THE PALEO DIET for 1 month.

For the first 2 weeks, Joe felt miserable. His recovery following workouts was slow and his workouts were sluggish.

But in 3 weeks a curious thing happened. He noticed he was not only feeling better but his recovery following workouts was speeding up significantly.

Since his early 40s (he was 51 at the time), Joe had not been able to train more than about 12 hours per week; whenever he exceeded that weekly volume, upper respiratory infections would soon set him back.

In week 4 Joe trained 16 hours without a sign of a cold, sore throat, or ear infection. He was amazed—he hadn’t done that many hours in nearly 15 years.

That year Joe finished third at the US National Championship with an excellent race and qualified for the US team for the World Championships. He had a stellar season, one of his best in years.

After making certain refinements to my basic PALEO DIET, Joe found this way of eating to be 'ergogenic'—a term used to describe nutritional supplements that can enhance athletic performance. By the late 1990s, Joe was recommending THE PALEO DIET to the athletes he coached, including Ryan Bolton, a member of the US Olympic Triathlon team in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and winner of the Ironman USA Triathlon.”

—Loren Cordain, PhD, author of THE PALEO DIET FOR ATHLETES

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